Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, the lovely Vanessa made a post about blending and brushes, and I have been getting a couple e-mails about some of the brushes that I use.
I think the tools are really important in creating the look you want. Remember, quality doesn't always mean you have to spend a small fortune!

Brushes I use on my face:From Left to Right:
Mac 187 Brush: The brush is amazing for picking up powder. I use it for my MSF's and as a bronzing brush up by my temples and forehead. The brush has duo fibers and it makes your powder go on like your skin is flawless.
Mac 190 Brush: This brush is pretty much your basic foundation brush. It is stiff, but not too stiff to where it makes your foundation streaky. Also, the long handle really gives me the control where I need it, such as around my nose and hairline.
Sonia Kashuk Fluff Brush: This brush is good for over all blending of your makeup, such as blusk, contour, etc. together.
Bare Escentuals Concealer Brush: This brush is great for applying "wet" concealer as well as mineral concealer under your eyes or over big areas that need maximum coverage, such as my cheeks which are red and blochy.
Mac 242 SE Brush: Isnt this brush just so cute and pink. I got it when Mac was doing the collection with the lines. Oy, the name is just escaping me right now. Anyways, this brush is amazing for getting small spots and also for applying paint pots.

Brushes I use on my Eyes:
From Left to Right:
Trish McEvoy Eyeliner Brush: I use this brush with my fluidlines, or with my HIP cream eyeliner. It has the perfect amount of bristles to draw the best line. It is not to thick or to thin and the handle has a nice grip to it.
Sonia Kashuk Small Angle Brush: This brush is amazing for applying color and density to the outer v, crease, contour etc. It is also good for picking up some shadow and smudging it into your eyeliner for a smokey eye look.
Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush: This brush is amazing for blending colors together. The rounded bristles get in there and make your eyes look flawlessly gradiented. Haha, I think I just made up a phrase.
Sonia Kashuk Large Angle Brush: This brush is great for the same thing the small angle brush is but it can also be used on my eyebrows as well as an angled liner brush.
No Name Fluff Brush: I dont know where this brush is from but it is amazing for applying a deep dense color over the whole lid.
Sonia Kashuk Large Paddle Brush: This brush is good for applying a sheer wash of color over the entire eye, but is also good for applying a highlight to the brow bone.
Bath & Body Works Small Shader Brush: This brush is great for getting into the contour and outer V to make the color deeper and really define your eyes.
Bare Escentuals Eye Buki Brush: This brush is good for blending of the eye area itself. It is also good for cleaning up any fallout that might happen when applying pigments or dark colors.

Brushes I use on my Cheeks:
From Left to Right:
Bare Escentuals Baby Buki Brush: This brush is good for blending everything together as well as adding color to the apples of your cheeks.
Sonia Kashuk Mini Blush Brush: This brush is really small. I dont know if you can tell but it is good for applying highlight to your temples and adding highlight over the top of your cheek bones.
Bare Escentuals Face Brush: This brush is good for overall blending of harsh lines as well as applying a very sheer wash of color over your whole cheek area.
Sonia Kashuk Angled Blush Brush: This is good for applying a darker color to the hollows of your cheeks and applying blush to your cheek. This brush is really versatile and always a good one to have.

My Whole Collection:
So, obviously I don't use every brush I own on a daily basis. But you get the idea. Each brush does something for me, so I keep them around. I am also a little bit of a pack rat... and dont like getting rid of anything, ever.
<3 love you guys

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