Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Smashbox Blush/Eye shadow Review: Radiance

I thought I would make my first blog post about one of my most fun and favorite products. This, ladies and gentleman, is Smashbox blush in Radiance.

These pictures do not do this product justice. It is a bright, neon pink. It is finely milled and pressed so that it can be applied sheer for a wash of color, or layered for a bold dramatic look. 
I first became familiar with this product while searching for a produce to replace my MAC eye shadow in Passionate, which is also a pink color, but has more of a red undertone to it. I thought that my mission was futile until I stumbled onto this hot pink wonder powder, and I couldn't have been happier!
This product is intended to be applied to the apples of the cheeks to give a fresh and healthy glow. I must say, it was a little intimidating at first. This bright pink blush has the potential to make the user look like a clown if used wrong or if over done. What do I recommend? Using a full but medium size powder brush and lightly swirl the color into the bristles and then tapping off the excess. (Similar to the approach made popular by Bare Minerals foundation) This should insure that not too much is used, it also allows me to go back and add more without looking foolish.
As amazing as this product is for adding radiance (hehe) to the cheeks and temples, my favorite way of using it is on my eyes. This color, used as you would use any other eyes shadow can create a very fun look, especially when mixed with colors such as gold, black, or white. 
Please, let me know how this works for you, or if you have a favorite multi-use product that you would like to share with me!
Feel free to drop me an email at:   and let me know what you would like to be featured on this site, as I am new and would really LOVE and appreciate the feedback. 
I will also post a picture of me wearing this product later tonight, as I am planning on wearing it for a night out on the town in South Beach!
- Samantha

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