Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Foundation Primers

I can not stress the importance of a good foundation primer. A foundation primer not only preps your skin for "complexion perfection", giving your foundation a solid canvas that it can hold on to, it also fills in small lines and wrinkles, AND can smooth over rough patches of skin. Some foundation primers can even correct problematic skin, but I'll get to that later.

My ultimate favorite is Prime Time from Bare Escentuals, the makers of Bare Minerals... obviously. This primer is silicon based so it glides on effortlessly. I personally use this primer everyday and can't say anything but positive things about it. Living in south Florida, my skin is sometimes dry, it is sometimes oily, and sometimes it is combination, this primer, although it looks slick really gives a perfect finish to my skin without changing it. 
Now, Benefit makes an interesting primer called "That Gal". I had been on the hunt for a foundation primer, before I found Prime Time, and the lady at the Benefit counter convinced me to try it, I couldn't resist the cute packaging and cute skyline. Anyways, I bought it, brought it home to try it and was a little... disappointed - at first. I am assuming this product is water based because it doesn't glide on as smooth as any silicon based primer I have tried and it also didn't seem to spread as easily. With Prime Time, I use one pump and regardless of how dry my skin might be on that particular day, it is ALWAYS enough; with Benefit's primer, I felt like I was using a ton of the stuff to cover my entire face. The primer claims to brighten your skin and provide a base for foundation. I, personally, didn't see any difference in the coverage of my foundation or a change in how it looked. It didn't fill in any fine lines and it didn't cover any rough spots. With all these things said, I did find a positive use for this primer. I use it as an under eye brightener under and over my under eye concealer. It's pink pearly hue really does seem to give my eyes a well-rested look. While I don't recommend buying this primer if you are hoping for a really good foundation base, but I do recommend trying it out if you seem to have bags or dark circles under your eyes, because it really does make them disappear. 
Lastly, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This is and has been a cult classic since it came out. It glides on smoothly and is very similar to the Bare Escentuals Prime Time foundation primer. This foundation primer is a little bit different because it comes in a variety of types for different skin types. I have a small, slight, little, embarrassing case of Rosacea, (a reddish dry, bumpy, patchy skin disorder that tends to get worse with age. OY!) and using the Color Correcting line of the Photo Finish primer, (the greenish one diminishes redness in the skin) really did help the redness of my skin and it seemed to take away from the flaky feel that I often have when my Rosacea is bad. 
There you have it, kids. A basic rundown of popular primers. I strongly believe in always finding some sort of use for products, even when they don't do what they say they will do.
Like I've mentioned before...  please e-mail me with any suggestions or any specific products that you want me to try or even endorse if I like them. 
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- Samantha

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