Monday, March 3, 2008

MAC Haul... kiddies

Oh lord. I havn't written anything here in quite some time. Anyways, my dad just came in town and gave me some money so I decided to go on a little bit of a Mac binge!

What I got:
Knight Devine

Lustreglass - Pinkarat
Tinted Lipglass - Pink Poodle
Slimshine - Intimidate

Oil Control Lotion

I have never tried the Oil Control Lotion before and I am SOOO EXCITED to see how it works, so look for a review in the coming days.

Well, thats what $120.00 at MAC looks like :(

Love it.

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Vanessa said...

Hey there gorgeous! In regards to your question about the double-end brushes, haha I feel your pain! I actually got a small pen tray and used it to store those kind of brushes and I just keep it in my vanity drawer, here is a pic: