Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mac Suite Array Review!

I pinky promised you all I would do a formal review on the new Suite Array eyeshadow duo's... and I am! Yay!
Anyways... I was looking at reviews for the eyeshadows online before I actually wrote this, and a lot of people are complaining about the consistency of the new shadows. I have to say that I didn't think they were too bad - if you know how to work with them.
To your right, there are some swatches. These were done over some Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP for you noobies). I used a Mac 239 brush, and didn't really go out of my way to pack them on. As you can see, they are pretty vibrant. I also did some swatches of the new Pearlglide eyeliners. The top left is called "Sweet Liason", the top right is called "Smoke & Ash", and the bottom right is called "Blue Zone", even though I think it should be called "Purple Zone" or something... but anyways. The colors are pretty pigmented, but they do go on a little sheer at first. The finish on these is really nice and different. They have sort of a matte finish with some sparkle to them. Not the kind of sparkle that a 12 year old would wear, but the kind that kind of catches the light and makes your eyes twinkle. I did a smokey eye look using the "Smoke & Ash" duo that I am thinking about posting on here at some point soon, and overall I really liked these shadows.
"Smoke & Ash": The silver side of this is a very bright cool silver with flecks of glitter. The black side of this is a soft black that can be layered for more intensity with flecks of glitter as well. This is the perfect duo for a smokey eye, especially if you are new to the whole makeup thing since they do go on relatively sheer at first. This one id probably my favorite.
"Sweet Liason": This is a really nice neutral set, I think. The larger side is a cream color with a HINT of yellow with flecks of glitter, which the smaller side is a deep rich chocolate brown with flecks of glitter. I am not a neutral eyeshadow lover, but somehow this really caught my eye. (Ok, maybe it was that my MUA at Mac is AMAZING and knows what to say in order to get me hooked... but we can just pretend that I was the one who noticed how gorgeous it is) The lighter side is a nice highlight as well as a lid color, and the brown makes a nice contour color. I actually used the brown as a lid color with carbon in the outer v and crease... but there will be a FOTD for that look in the near future as well.
"Blue Zone": This is a silly one. The colors are really way more purple than blue, but they are nice colors anyways. I can't really see any justification for why I bought this one, simply because I have a million other colors that look similar, but the finish is what got me. The lighter side is a really soft lilac and the darker side is a more intense blueish purple with flecks of glitter. I like this duo, but I can't really see myself using is on a regular basis.
Also in the swatch in the lower left corner, you see the new Pearlglide eyeliners. I LOVE these. I bought "Fly-By-Blue", "Black Russian", and "Wolf", which is how they are in order on the swatch above. I am an eyeliner junkie and I love glitter in small doses as well, so these were the perfect new little friends for me. The glitter is not crazy noticible, but it still gives the eyes something new, even though it is on the subtle side. These go on incredibly smoothe and are easily blended into the lashline or wherever your little heart desires.
Overall, I really enjoyed this new release from Mac. I know they have been coming out with a TON of new collections, but I have somehow managed to pass on some of them, for example, Cult of Cherry.
If you are interested, the entire new collection as well as a new collection called Emanuel Ungaro, is online now or you can find it at your local Mac store or counter.

<3 - Samantha

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