Friday, December 7, 2007

Sephora Sale Items

Every so often I run a sale search on Typically I can find really good deals, including a huge cosmetics train case that I got for CHEAP.

Anyways, here's a basic round up of some of the products you can find on sale at
- Philosophy Bath & Body: Includes products such as Coconut body butter, Empowermint shave gel, Apple hand wash, etc. 
- Sephora Brand Brushes: Includes lip brush, squirrel hair blending brush, lash and brow brush, angles eye shadow brush, etc. 
- Dessert(by Jessica Simpson): An item called Hot Topping is on sale. It costs $5 and can be used as a lotion and massage balm. Apparently it smells and tastes delicious. 
- Nars Lip Palette: This lip palette is called Hot Sauce and it is amazing. It is on sale foe $30 and is a steal for any Nars addict. 
- Becca Products: I haven't really familiarized myself with this line of cosmetics. Apparently they didn't do so well, because they are all on sale. If anyone wants to test these out or has any personal experience with them, please let me know, because a lot of these products, if decent, are a steal.
- Sephora Body Indulgences: This body butter is one of my favorite products, and for $8  I will be stocking up. They come in scents ranging from Coffee & Cream, to Ginger & Lime. So, go pick up one and let me know how it works for you.

I'm going to be posting this type of blog whenever I find new products on sale. So, check back often for updates.
As always, if you feel so inclined send me an email at   and let me know what you would like to see or have me review.
- Samantha 

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