Friday, April 11, 2008

Mac Review: Fluidline... comparison?

A few weeks back I did a review on Loreal's HIP Cream Eyeliner in black, and if you read that, you know how addicted I was to it.... now I have a new obsession.
Mac's Fluidline - in Blacktrack, ofcourse.This picture is a little deceiving, since the product in reality is no where near the size of Loreal's liner. For $15.00, you get about half the product of Loreal's liner, but it's worth it.

So, let's get onto the review.
What attracted me to Fluidline is the intensity of the colors, which by the way are abundant. There are the basics, black, variations of brown, and navy, ofcourse. They also offer a selection of other colors for the more bold, such as a frosted white, bright aqua, platinum, and violet.
A girl can never have enough eyeliner, especially black eyeliner. For the most part, I only wear black eyeliner, I think other colors really don't suit me, but thats just me.
At first glance, the liner looks pretty solid in the container, but once I dipped my brush into it, I was shocked. It is more gel like than cream, a way different consistency then that of Loreal's.
I dipped a flat liner brush into the "gel", and wiped some on the back of my hand to apply it. Not surprisingly, it applied like butter and I was thrilled with my results.

So, let's compare:

Loreal's HIP Cream Eyeliner:
Price: $11.99
Amount: 4.5 Grams
Intensity: Nice, Matte Black
Texture: Cream

Mac Fluidline:
Price: $15.00
Amount: 3 Grams
Intensity: Deep, Dark Black
Texture: Gel

So, all in all... I would go with Fluidline, just because I am a Mac addict and I really liked the application, considering that liner can be hard to apply, especially in forms other than a pencil. Mac is only $3 more and you really can tell in the quality.
Obviously, if bang for your buck is more important, go with Loreal, or if you can't get to a Mac counter.

I really enjoyed using Fluidline, and it is a new staple in my makeup routine and collection.

love you guys,

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