Monday, April 21, 2008

Urban Decay Brow Box: Review

I've really been trying to post on here as much as possible, so I hope I am doing a good job with keeping up.
As some of you know, I have a slight obsession with my brows. They frame the face and really give a finishing touch to the rest of your make up.
I've been struggling to find a product, or products that will help to define my brows and match them to the color of my hair, since I don't want to dye my brows.
This is where the Urban Decay Brow Box comes in. I bought it in Brown Sugar, which is the color pictured here. It consists of a dark brown shade and a lighter brown shade, both of which are very rich, despite what the lighter ones looks like in the picture.
The box contains 2 shades of a powder brow definer, an angled brow brush, tiny tweezers, and brow wax. Surprisingly, the tweezers are actually really amazing. They can grasp even the smallest hairs, but they take a little time getting used to.
So all in all, I love this product, its amazing. I highly suggest it!

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