Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm still alive - I pinky promise

Hello lovelys,
I swear, I am still alive, it's just my Midterms week so I've been swamped with more papers, exams, and projects that you can imagine.
So, come tomorrow, I will be good to go, and I have some exciting things coming up. I'll give you a slight teaser:

Foundation Reviews - Mainly MUFE and Chanel
Concealer Reviews
More gorgeous FOTD's
Hair Product Reviews

So get excited.
Also, just a heads up, I will be out of town next week from Wednesday until Saturday. Me and my gay are driving a whole 8 hours up to Parris Island, South Carolina to see my ex graduate from the Marine Corps. boot camp! Should be a pretty fun roadtrip... but I'm not entirely sure on how the rest of the trip will go. You better believe I will pose pictures of all the ridiculous roadside attractions that Graham and I will be stopping at.

Love ya, mean it!
- Samantha <3

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